We are two students (Lerbiq, Killmlana) who randomly decided to do their own server after playing on a bunch of servers and getting tired of how they were managed.

Hi there! Lerbiq here. Hmm, what could I say about me? I’m a 19 years old college student from the Czech Republic. I study security technology, systems, and management. I love good memes, quality shitposts, and totally random shit. And yeah, that’s all I guess.

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Lerbiq, 13 August 2020

Now something about the second owner.

Hey, Killmlana here. I am 16 years old, still studying of course. I live in [redacted] (I try to keep my public info minimal). Lerb found me on one semi-anarchy server and then basically adopted me. After we got fed up with the admins’ behavior I offered him to make our own Minecraft server and he accepted. And now we’re here!

– Killmlana, 13 August 2020

Have fun on our servers 🙂

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[email protected]
Discord (Lerbiq#0420, killmlana#2874)

Lerbiq: link