One of the oldest game modes of Minecraft. Today we present to you all, Egirls Nation a Minecraft anarchy server that features great enhancements to the gameplay without ruining the vanilla experience. There lies a kind of unexplainable beauty in the desolate and destroyed environment of spawn where, the term faggot signifies endearment, where there lies satisfaction in being able to escape spawn after getting your ass whooped by thousands of flying wither skulls.


Unlike other anarchy servers, we care about our players
We do not take any items from players nor do we abuse higher power to interfere in player’s affairs in any way.
Our server features a combination of 1.8 and 1.9 PVP which results in an awesome hybrid-like combat system never seen before.
Our server is 1.16.1 and we will keep it updated but we support as low as 1.12.2 so that players can use legendary clients like SalHack and Liquid Bounce.

All cheats are allowed but we have a cps (clicks per second) cap and only allow fly via elytra+ and boat fly.
We have custom edgy plugins which are really fun. Be sure to discover them all.
We take player data backups every 30 minutes which are stored for 1 month and also every minute which are stored for a period of 2 hours.
Our server also supports the bedrock edition (X-Box, PS4, Nintendo-Switch, Android, and Windows 10 edition)
Even though our server is quite young, there are several mega-bases, get good with them to earn their trust and do something to be remembered in the server forever.